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“Fencing is Chess played at 100mph”











Our Founder & Head Coach, Maestro Daniel Bucur started fencing in his home country of Romania in 1972, a powerhouse fencing nation. At that time period, 8 years later he became the youngest fencer to make the Romanian National Olympic Fencing Team. After competing in fencing, Maestro Bucur escaped from then-communist Romania to the United States, where he later enlisted into the US Military and became a Captain in the US Army and Air Force. He served in 3 deployments in the Middle East including Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, Kuwait and is a decorated US Military Veteran. Maestro Bucur is also an ordained Christian minister and holds a Masters Degree in Music, Sports Management, and of course Fencing. His most proudest accomplishments are his two daughters Rebekah & Naomi, both whom became nationally renowned fencers and now attending college.

Today, Maestro Bucur is dedicated to teaching and mentoring new generations of fencers and coaches. And growing the exciting sport and art of fencing.


Space Coast Olympic Fencing is 

REAL Sword Fighting. It’s nothing like you ever dreamed of. Until you do it!

Physical. Mental. A great workout in cardio and coordination. One of the original Olympic Sports.
The Martial Art of Sword Fighting!

All equipment and protective suit provided for.

2 hour introduction course.
Ages 18&up

You will learn the basics of fencing and culminate into a mini-Olympic style TOURNAMENT awarding The Gold, Silver, & Bronze !

Fencing is known as Physical Chess
We Develop:
- Discipline
- Superb reflexes
- Superior hand eye coordination
- Mental strength
- Physical strength, stamina, speed
- Flexibility
- Strategy
- Thinking steps ahead
- Champion mindset


SAFE & REAL Swordsmanship
SPACE COAST Premiere Academy.
Learn from renown international fencing champion Maestro Daniel Bucur and
Space Coast Olympic Fencing focuses on offering children unique opportunities for growth and development. Join a winning team.


SUMMER CAMPS also available 
Olympic Sword Fighting in VIERA!

The #1 sport for College SCHOLARSHIPS  Kids, Highschool Teams, Adult Classes.

Fencer with protective mask

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