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Coach Charlie Williams , Head Instructor at Space Coast Olympic Fencing

Coach Charlie is an all-around sports enthusiast and lifelong competitor and student of sports. 
Instructor Charlie has studied fencing under numerous teachers including members of the Cuba National Team, Head of the Bulgaria National Team, and his first coach Maestro Nelson Rodriguez of Venezuela a 30 year Olympic Coach at the Beijing, Rio, and London Olympics. The most profound influence on Williams fencing style and philosophies have been from Maestro Daniel Bucur, who was a member of the Romanian National Olympic Team. Adapting Bucur’s teachings and blending in his own style and training techniques have yielded tremendous successes for him and his students. 

" I've been fortunate to have studied under a variety of good teachers. Especially with Maestro Bucur through countless hours and thousands of points analysis in coaching students together " - Coach Charlie.

Williams an avid competitor in everything he sets his eyes on and a quick study , was able to win over experienced fencers including Mexico Junior Champions, former Cuban and Pan Am Games Champions in just his first 4 months of fencing. During his first full year, he defeated the USA #1 Ranked Veterans 40 Division fencer three times, knocked out multi-Florida State Champions, Georgia State Champions, former NCAA fencers  and knocked out former World Veterans Champion during tournament competition. 
Williams even put up a good fight at bouts in practice over a former Olympian scoring 14 points out of 20. 
“I was impressed at how well Charlie fences for someone who has fenced only that amount of time” - Wolfgang Mejías, Beijing & London Summer Olympics. 

Instructor Charlie’s true passion has been teaching others and helping them realize and achieve their full potential.  He coached boys and girls to USA Fencing Gold & Silver at the Florida Sunshine State Games and Gold at the AAU Florida State Championship. He also coached teens to AAU State Gold.  And recently coached 5 month long brother & sister fencers Alexander & Leilani Burkott to Gold at the AAU Orlando Open. 
Williams has another claim to fame as a former World #1 Professional Pool Player. He has appeared numerous times on ESPN, FOX, Eurosport, SkySports, ESPN Asia, and numerous networks worldwide competing live to hundreds of millions of viewers for over 25 years.  Williams competed around the world including Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, China, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Aruba, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Canada, Qatar, England, Wales, Greece, Italy, Vietnam and the United States. Williams was also one of two pros selected to represent the USA at the World Games in Germany, sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee. 
" Billiards is a sport that requires the mental intelligence of a chess master, willpower of a boxer, and hands of a surgeon" - Coach Charlie. 

Williams on the cover of a Japanese Magazine after winning his first ESPN championship in Las Vegas. 

Though full of accolades, He states his biggest success has been coaching his own pride and joy Arianna Choi , a 4-Time Junior Olympic Champion. At 7, Arianna won her very first fencing tournament she ever entered and proceeded to dominate the Y8 division garnering over 100 consecutive bout victories in 15 months. 

Coach Charlie has been her exclusive Strip Coach at all of her tournaments nationwide amassing 26 Gold Medals, 12 Silvers and 12 Bronze including AAU and USFA events. Widely considered the best at her age in the USA who appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show demonstrating her fencing skills to millions of viewers.
Williams has also coached highschool wrestling, taught martial arts, and coached high ranking high school tennis players. 

"The Mental Game, Strength, and Attitude in sports are always the same. Physical technique may differ sport to sport, but it's the mastery of one's mind that achieves one's success." - Coach Charlie.

Coach Williams circle of friends and advisors include masters of many sports. Including NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing, Tennis, Olympic Coaches of different sports. He also consistently confers with other fencing masters on latest techniques and strategies.  
Coach Williams peers and circle of friends , icons of sports such as Evander Holyfield. Pinklon Thomas. Brandon Meriweather. Riddick Bowe. Leon Searcy. Santana Moss. Ron Dixon. Nick Anderson. Greg Kite. Russell Wilson.


TV producer, event producer , manager of athletes and celebrities.  Produced over 1000 hours of shows for TV and iHeartRadio. 


Williams is also considered to be one of the most elite world class billiards coaches in the world.  He has royalty connections as he was a longtime coach to Allison Fisher MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) and revitalized her legendary career by coaching her to back to back US Open wins on ESPN and coached her to the finals of the World Championship held in Beijing China aired on CCTV.  He also coached German World Champion Thorsten Hohmann including his historic1st Place win in Las Vegas at the $3 Million North American Open aired on FOX and Eurosport.  Williams also coached teenage amateur star Yu Ram Cha of Korea for 5 years turning her into a pro World Champion. 
“ Charlie’s crystal clear understanding of the mental side of sports is the greatest power he has as a coach. It’s not an accident why he has so much success for himself as well as anyone he coaches” - Allison Fisher, multi-World & US Open Champion. 
“Charlie is a wonderful coach, person, and good friend. He’s someone you can always count on” Jeanette Lee the Black Widow. 
“Charlie is a super motivator. It takes a special person to bring the best out of you, and that’s what he does” Rodney Morris US Open Champion. 
“What Charlie offers is much more than just technique. His specialty is the way to compete from the neck up. He focuses on raising your Will to Win. And that’s something you seldom encounter in coaches. “ Dr. Michael Fedak, PhD Psychiatry 
After being on the USA’s winning Mosconi Cup 4-times as a player vs Team Europe and holding one of the best records as an American , Coach Charlie was also selected as the USA Captain in his 6th appearance.
Charlie Williams was nominated as Captain of these international billiard events :
Team USA vs Europe
Team USA vs Korea 
Team Korea vs USA 
Team Korea vs Japan
Team World vs Taiwan
Team World vs Philippines 
Williams has also won and medaled in sports such as Tennis, Karate, Wrestling, Bowling, and Fencing. 
He is also a motivational speaker who has appeared worldwide along with notables such as Les Brown.
"Charlier is one of the best people you can have on your side. Whatever you want to accomplish, he always has a plan to succeed", Brandon Meriweather, NFL Super Bowl & Pro Bowler. Miami Hurricanes Hall of Fame.
Williams today utilizes modern training,  knowledge, and psychology from multiple sports combined to cross-train his fencers at Space Coast Olympic Fencing. 
With tens of thousands of hours of national & international sports competition experience, Williams has a unique perspective and insight for all athletes of all ages. 
" My ultimate goal is to help people realize and achieve their dreams. To guide them to reach their full potential is what brings me the most joy in life." - Coach Charlie Williams.

Other Honors include: 
- USA Junior National Pool Champion
- Highest Game Junior Bowling League , 

- Most Dedicated Wrestler of Menchville High, 
- Man of the Year United States Professional Pool Players Association, 
- Sportsmanship Award at USA Junior Nationals;
- Peninsula Billiards Hall of Fame
- Virginia Sportsman of the Year
- Presenting Speaker at the National Boxing Hall of Fame

- Man of the Year Korea Pro Pool Tour; 
- USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Nominee ; 
- James Brown Hardest Working Man in Showbiz Award ; 
- International Billiards Hall of Fame nominee
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